Mercedes S-Class

The initiative to build one of the most exciting executive sedans of the 1960s did not come from Daimler-Benz, it came from a German automotive magazine (auto motor und sport), whose editor Hans-Ulrich Wieselmann lamented that Mercedes-Benz was building great, but not very exciting cars suited for executives, farmers and retirees. Mercedes 300 SEL 6.3, […]

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   This article does not deal with the Mercedes 170V, built from 1945 till 1953, but the successor, the Mercedes 170 S, built from 1949 till 1955. Mercedes 170s, 1951 It is interesting that a Mercedes 170, once thought to be for the upper middle-class prior to World War II, has developed in Germany into […]


The date of the introduction of the Mercedes 220 SE Coupe was carefully chosen. It was not as usual an international automobile show, this time it was the opening of the Daimler-Benz Museum in Stuttgart-Untertürkheim on Feb. 24th, 1961 and the celebration of the company’s 75th anniversary. First sketches of the new car’s shape appeared […]


The Mercedes 250S, SE W108 series was a welcome change to the fintails. The earlier cars had followed the philosophy that one design caters in variations to the needs of people from the taxi driver to the chief executive. Naturally the taxi driver did not complain, but the CEO did. The new W108 was not […]


The Mercedes W111 220b – 220SE and 230S (1959-1968) Prof. Fritz Nallinger, chief engineer and member of the Mercedes executive board, asked Rudolf Uhlenhaut (head of passenger car development), Karl Wilfert (head of body development) and Josef Müller (head of engine development) for a meeting to discuss the ponton successor. That was in early 1956. […]