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From the Mercedes 770 Grosser to the SL65 AMG


Find answers to common inquiries about Bernd’s books and expertise in vintage and modern Mercedes automobiles.

Yes, all of Bernd’s books are available as e-books on Amazon for easy access and convenience.

Absolutely, Bernd’s books explore a wide range of Mercedes cars, from classics like the 540K to modern SL models introduced in 2011.

Many of Bernd’s books contain detailed buyer’s guides to assist readers in making informed decisions about purchasing Mercedes cars.

Each of Bernd’s books consists of over 200 pages, filled with new color photographs and in-depth information about Mercedes automobiles.

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How to Acquire one of the books

In the book searchbar type: Mercedes Koehling.

Explore my collection of over 20 books dedicated to vintage and modern Mercedes automobiles.

Most of my books are available in hard cover, soft cover and as e-books. Some of them are also available in German in hard cover.