Mercedes 540K: Instrumental in development of the new generation of cars such as the 380, 500K and 540K was Hans Nibel, who was the chief engineer for Benz before the merger with Daimler in 1926 and who succeeded Ferdinand Porsche on his departure in early 1929. Nibel had gained much of his experience on the […]


Mercedes 500K W29

Mercedes 500K: In March 1934, a brand-new, elegant car was unveiled at the Berlin Motor Show. It was the imposing 500K (internal code W29) sports car with a supercharged eight-cylinder engine in form of the magnificent Autobahnkurier (Highway Courier). The 500K was the successor to the less powerful 380, which had been introduced just one […]

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Mercedes 770 W150 “Grosser”

Mercedes 770 W150: Development of the new “Grosser Mercedes” began around the end of 1936 in response to calls from industry and government leaders for a more modern premium car. On the other hand, the management had recognized that the existing model 770 W07, with its conservative suspension and rigid axles front and rear, no […]

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Mercedes 770 W07 “Grosser”

Mercedes 770 W07: Unveiled at the 1930 Paris Motor Show, where it was one of the highlights of the day, the Mercedes was an elegant, yet slightly conservatively designed super-luxury automobile. It was the largest model Daimler-Benz had produced to date and quickly earned the nickname “Grosser”. Both above photos show a 770 Cabriolet F […]

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The Mercedes R107 500SL Rally car

The Mercedes R107 500SL Rally car does not really come to mind, if one thinks about Mercedes rally activities. Anyone familiar with them knows that Daimler-Benz used only two road-going SL cars for factory supported racing: the 300SL W198 and the 230SL W113. And that was it. Well… was it really? What about a Mercedes […]

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190SL, the car that saved the SL name

The 190SL did not have an easy start in life. Not that it was the black sheep of the family, but neither was it the white swan. It was the little brother of a show business star who had been sent to a gifted plastic surgeon to make him look the part. That beauty was […]

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Mercedes 190 fintail

Mercedes 190 Fintail, the workhorse of the 1960s There was nothing fancy about the Mercedes 190 Diesel and its successor the 200 Diesel. Half of them were either black or beige and had taxi signs on their roofs and the other half were owned by farmers, butchers, bakers etc. All of them were grossly misused, […]

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Mercedes 300 S, driving a classic Mercedes today

The Mercedes 300 S: Not many people had the chance to sit inside and even fewer actually drove this car. Like in the sedan, you sit behind a big steering wheel and look at an array of chromed knobs at the lower left side of your beautiful, solid wooden dashboard. You hold your breath. Everything […]

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Mercedes R 230 SL

The Mercedes R 230 series SL is the fifth generation of the venerable sports car, if one does not count the 190SL (this is what Daimler-Benz does). Most of its predecessors have been presented to the automotive world in the month of March at the Geneva International Automobile Show. This time it is different. It […]

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Mercedes 220SL, the car that never made it

Mercedes 220SL, the alternative to the 190SL in the 1950s? Mercedes 190SL or 220SL: When talking about this model, we have to look first at the Mercedes 190SL, which would most probably have never been built without the input of Max Hoffman. The Austrian born Hoffman was based in New York and imported a variety […]

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