One of a handful surviving original Mercedes 300SL W194 rally cars from 1952 Finally there is a garden party without the usual small talk, with an exquisite buffet, where you have no chance to actually smell the food on offer. The Gurney Pavilion at the Goodwood House is way too noisy for any conversation and […]


300 SL Mercedes, 300 SL W194 and 300 S tested in a wind tunnel In the so-called good old days, cars were styled by intuition, not by wind tunnels. That way we have great cars such as the 300 SL Mercedes Gullwing, styled by Karl Wilfert or the equally important 300 Adenauer and its sibling […]


 Weather in Cannes can be in May sometimes less than kind to its visitors, no matter whether they are stars, starlets or just visitors. All of them want to be part or at least get a glimpse of all the glitter around the Cannes film festival, called “Palme d’Or” or Golden Palm. The festival is […]